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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Flexural response of 3D printed sandwich compositeBharath H.S.; Bonthu D.; Gururaja S.; Prabhakar P.; Doddamani M.-
2020Friction-free permanent magnet bearings for rotating shafts: A comprehensive reviewBekinal S.I.; Doddamani M.-
2020Improvement in the design calculations of multi-ring permanent magnet thrust bearingBekinal S.I.; Doddamani M.-
2020In-vitro degradation of hollow silica reinforced magnesium syntactic foams in different simulated body fluids for biomedical applicationsManakari V.; Kannan S.; Parande G.; Doddamani M.; Columbus S.; Priya Sudha K.; Vincent S.; Gupta M.-
2020Material optimization of spur gear toothKumar G.C.M.; Basheer B.; Sutar S.; Doddamani M.-
2020Mechanical behavior of 3D printed syntactic foam compositesBharath H.S.; Sawardekar A.; Waddar S.; Jeyaraj P.; Doddamani M.-
2020Mechanical behavior of additively manufactured nanoclay/HDPE nanocompositesBeesetty P.; kale A.; Patil B.; Doddamani M.-
2020Mechanical behaviour of additively manufactured bioactive glass/high density polyethylene compositesJeyachandran P.; Bontha S.; Bodhak S.; Balla V.K.; Kundu B.; Doddamani M.-
2020Optimum Design Methodology for Axially Polarized Multi-Ring Radial and Thrust Permanent Magnet BearingsBekinal S.I.; Doddamani M.-
2020Tailoring composite materials for nonlinear viscoelastic properties using artificial neural networksXu X.; Elgamal M.; Doddamani M.; Gupta N.-
2019Testing of foamsGupta N.; Zeltmann S.E.; Luong D.D.; Doddamani M.-
2020Three-dimensional printed lightweight composite foamsH S B.; Bonthu D.; Prabhakar P.; Doddamani M.-