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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Artificial intelligence approaches for spatial modeling of streambed hydraulic conductivityNaganna, S.R.; Deka, P.C.-
2016Classification of case-II waters using hyperspectral (HICO) data over North Indian OceanSrinivasa, Rao, N.; Ramarao, E.P.; Srinivas, K.; Deka, P.C.-
2011A comparative study on RBF and NARX based methods for forecasting of groundwater levelSreenivasulu, D.; Deka, P.C.-
2015Comparison of Oceansat-2 scatterometer- to buoy-recorded winds and spatial distribution over the Arabian Sea during the monsoon periodGadad, S.; Deka, P.C.-
2017Daily pan evaporation modeling in climatically contrasting zones with hybridization of wavelet transform and support vector machinesPammar, L.; Deka, P.C.-
2019Dew Point temperature estimation: Application of artificial intelligence model integrated with nature-inspired optimization algorithmsNaganna, S.R.; Deka, P.C.; Ghorbani, M.A.; Biazar, S.M.; Al-Ansari, N.; Yaseen, Z.M.-
2012Discrete wavelet neural network approach in significant wave height forecasting for multistep lead timeDeka, P.C.; Prahlada, R.-
2012Discrete wavelet-Ann approach in time series flow forecasting-a case study of Brahmaputra riverDeka, P.C.; Haque, L.; Banhatti, A.G.-
2018Estimation of dew point temperature using SVM and ELM for humid and semi-arid regions of IndiaDeka, P.C.; Patil, A.P.; Yeswanth, Kumar, P.; Naganna, S.R.-
2018Estimation of saturated hydraulic conductivity using fuzzy neural network in a semi-arid basin scale for murum soils of IndiaMore, S.B.; Deka, P.C.-
2019Evaluating the Performance of CHIRPS Satellite Rainfall Data for Streamflow ForecastingSulugodu, B.; Deka, P.C.-
2016An extreme learning machine approach for modeling evapotranspiration using extrinsic inputsPatil, A.P.; Deka, P.C.-
2015Forecasting daily pan evaporation using hybrid model of wavelet transform and support vector machinesPammar, L.; Deka, P.C.-
2015Forecasting monthly groundwater level fluctuations in coastal aquifers using hybrid Wavelet packet Support vector regressionSujay, Raghavendra, N.; Deka, P.C.-
2016Forecasting of Significant Wave Height Using Support Vector RegressionAjeesh, K.; Deka, P.C.-
2011Fuzzy logic modeling for groundwater level forecasting of west coast region in IndiaSreenivasulu, D.; Deka, P.C.-
2015Fuzzy system modeling for forecasting water quality index in municipal distribution systemPatki, V.K.; Shrihari, S.; Manu, B.; Deka, P.C.-
2011Hybrid wavelet neural network model for improving forecasting accuracy of time series significant wave heightPrahlada, R.; Deka, P.C.-
2016Modeling of air temperature using ANFIS by wavelet refined parametersKarthika, B.S; Deka, P.C.-
2016Multistep ahead groundwater level time-series forecasting using gaussian process regression and ANFISRaghavendra, N.S.; Deka, P.C.-