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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Effect of Curing Methods on the Artificial Production of Fly Ash AggregatesShivaprasad K.N.; Das B.B.; Krishnadas S.-
2021Effect of Ggbs on Strength of Aluminium Refinery Residue Stabilized by Alkali SolutionKudachimath N.; Raviraj H.M.; Das B.B.-
2019Effect of various additives on the properties of fly ash based geopolymer mortarMustafa R.; Shivaprasad K.N.; Das B.B.-
2021Engineering Properties of Heavyweight Concrete—A ReviewSharath B.P.; Das B.B.-
2021Experimental Setup for Thermal Performance Study of Phase Change Material Admixed Cement Composites—A ReviewSnehal K.; Das B.B.-
2021Fast Setting Steel Fibre Geopolymer Mortar Cured Under Ambient TemperaturePrasanna K.M.; Theodose I.; Shivaprasad K.N.; Das B.B.-
2019Implication of concrete with chemical admixture cured in low temperature on strength, chloride permeability and microstructureGhosh A.H.; Das B.B.-
2021Influence of Fineness of Mineral Admixtures on the Degree of Atmospheric Mineral CarbonationFarsana C.; Das B.B.; Snehal K.-
2021Influence of Incorporating Phase Change Materials on Cementitious System—A ReviewSnehal K.; Das B.B.-
2020Influence of Integration of Phase Change Materials on Hydration and Microstructure Properties of Nanosilica Admixed Cementitious MortarSnehal K.; Das B.B.; Kumar S.-
2021Influence of Particle Size of Bottom Ash on Mechanical Properties of M30 Grade ConcreteGoudar S.K.; Das B.B.-
2020Influence of sample preparation techniques on microstructure and nano-mechanical properties of steel-concrete interfaceGoudar S.K.; Das B.B.; Arya S.B.; Shivaprasad K.N.-
2021Inventory Management for Transmission Line ProjectsSingh C.K.; Naik A.; Das B.B.-
2019Mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced concrete using coal-bottom ash as replacement of fine aggregateGoudar S.K.; Shivaprasad K.N.; Das B.B.-
2019Methods to monitor resources and logistic planning at project sitesChalla P.R.; Das B.B.-
2019Mineralogical study of concretes prepared using carbonated flyash as part replacement of cementSahoo S.; Das B.B.-
2021Multi-criteria Decision-making Approach for Selecting a Bridge Superstructure Construction MethodUpadhya P.R.; Das M.S.; Das B.B.-
2021A Multi-dimensional Study on Impact of Energy Efficiency on Life Cycle Cost of a Single-Family Residential BuildingShifad S.; Pati P.; Das B.B.-
2019Optimization of resources by real-time correlation study for maximizing the productivityAgrawal A.; Das B.B.; Malik S.K.-
2021Pre-Engineered Building Design of Gas-Insulated Substation Housed Under Pressurized VentilationRoopesh N.; Swamy K.A.; Das B.B.-