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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Determination of optimized geopolymerization factors on the properties of pelletized fly ash aggregatesShivaprasad, K.N.; Das, B.B.-
2020Early age, hydration, mechanical and microstructure properties of nano-silica blended cementitious compositesSnehal, K.; Das, B.B.; Akanksha, M.-
2018Effect of Duration of Heat Curing on the Artificially Produced Fly Ash AggregatesShivaprasad, K.N.; Das, B.B.-
2019Effect of elevated temperatures on ferrochrome ash based mortarsChethan, Kumar, B.; Yaragal, S.C.; Das, B.B.-
2020Ferrochrome ash Its usage potential in alkali activated slag mortarsChethan, K.B.; Yaragal, S.C.; Das, B.B.-
2018Influence of fineness of fly ash on compressive strength and microstructure of bottom ash admixed geopolymer mortarShivaprasad, K.N.; Das, B.B.; Renjith, R.-
2018Life cycle energy analysis of a metro station building envelope through computer based simulationAneesh, N.R.; Shivaprasad, K.N.; Das, B.B.-
2019Mechanical and permeability properties of hybrid fibre reinforced porous concreteSnehal, K.; Das, B.B.-
2019Microstructural study of steel-concrete interface and its influence on bond strength of reinforced concreteGoudar, S.K.; Das, B.B.; Arya, S.B.-
2018Some Studies on Sustainable Utilization of Iron Ore Tailing (IOT) as Fine Aggregates in Fly Ash Based Geopolymer MortarSharath, B.P.; Shivaprasad, K.N.; Athikkal, M.M.; Das, B.B.-
2017Ultra high performance concrete-sustainable solution for the next generation infrastructureGowda, H.; Das, B.B.-