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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020A Heuristic Algorithm to Find a Path to be Blocked by Minimizing Traffic DisruptionDas M.; Ambati S.S.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2021How do open source app developers perceive API changes related to Android battery optimization? An empirical studyMarimuthu C.; Chimalakonda S.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020HTmRPL++ : A Trust-Aware RPL Routing Protocol for Fog Enabled Internet of ThingsSubramanian N.; Mitra S.; Martin J.P.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2016Identity and access management in the cloud computing environmentsThomas M.V.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2019Improving Job Recommendation Using Ontological Modeling and User ProfilesRimitha S.R.; Abburu V.; Kiranmai A.; Marimuthu C.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020IntMA: Dynamic Interaction-aware resource allocation for containerized microservices in cloud environmentsJoseph C.T.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2012Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): PrefaceBalakrishnan N.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020Machine Learning Models with Optimization for Clothing Recommendation from Personal WardrobeJain M.; Singh S.; Chandrasekaran K.; Rathnamma M.V.; Venkata Ramana V.-
2021Membrane-based models for service selection in cloudRaghavan S.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2015Message from the Program ChairsMathew J.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020Middleware Frameworks for Mobile Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Cloud of Things: A ReviewDebbarma T.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020Mobility aware autonomic approach for the migration of application modules in fog computing environmentMartin J.P.; Kandasamy A.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2019Offline Character recognition on Segmented Handwritten Kannada CharactersJoe K.G.; Savit M.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020On Feature Models of Home Automation Systems towards Smart SensingPatil P.; Aparna R.; Chandrasekaran K.; Rathnamma M.V.; Ramana V.V.-
2020Optimized diet plan using unbounded knapsack AlgorithmBobade P.; Kumar P.; Chandrasekaran K.; Usha D.-
2020Organising the knowledge from stack overflow about location-sensing of android applicationsChinnakali M.; Palisetti S.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2019A probe into the technological enablers of microservice architecturesJoseph C.T.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020Review of techniques for automatic text summarizationPrakash B.S.; Sanjeev K.V.; Prakash R.; Chandrasekaran K.; Rathnamma M.V.; Ramana V.V.-
2020A review on mobile cloud computing interoperability issues and challengesDebbarma T.; Chandrasekaran K.-
2020Singlow: Simulator for General Network Flow ProblemsRaghavan S.; Bhagtya P.; Chandrasekaran K.-