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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Searchable encryption through obfuscation and multi-cloud searchChatterjee, S.; Bhattacharjee, S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Secure data management - Secret sharing principles applied to data or password protectionUpadhya, A.H.K.; Avinash, K.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Security protocol for distributed networks using formal method specificationNandewal, A.; Mahendra, D.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2018Sentiment extraction from naturalistic videoRadhakrishnan, V.; Joseph, C.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Sharding distributed social databases using social network analysisBhat, P.T.; Thankachan, R.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Smart and secure monitoring of industrial environments using IoTPuranik, S.; Mohan, J.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2017Smart key generation for smart citiesShravya, K.S.; Deepak, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015A software architecture for a fully decentralized peer to peer systemRavi, A.; Meghana, I.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Software development using context aware searching of components in large repositoriesPaul, S.; Makkar, T.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2017Software engineering aspects of green and sustainable software: A systematic mapping studyMarimuthu, C.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Solving security issues in Docker using Stackelberg GamesSharath, N.; Kumar, V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015A stackelberg game to incentivize cooperation in BitTorrentKetankumar, D.C.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Static balancing and inertia compensation of a master manipulator for tele-operated surgical robot applicationChandrasekaran, K.; Sivaraman, S.; Thondiyath, A.-
2014Stormgen - A Domain specific Language to create ad-hoc storm topologiesSanturkar, S.; Arora, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2019Straddling the crevasse: A review of microservice software architecture foundations and recent advancementsJoseph, C.T.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016A study on energy efficient cloud computingJoy, N.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Binu, A.-
2017A survey of design techniques for conversational agentsRamesh, K.; Ravishankaran, S.; Joshi, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Survey on meta heuristic optimization techniques in cloud computingShishira, S.R.; Kandasamy, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2017Systematic studies in software product lines: A tertiary studyMarimuthu, C.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Tools and simulators for membrane computing-a literature reviewRaghavan, S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-