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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Impact analysis of legacy system migration to the cloud environment: A focused studySeetharamatantry, H.; Murulidhar, N.N.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Improving false alarm rate in intrusion detection systems using HadoopMukund, Y.R.; Nayak, S.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2014Improving the efficiency of genetic algorithm approach to virtual machine allocationJoseph, C.T.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Cyriac, R.-
2016Influence of news on individual confidence bias in stock marketsMukund, Y.R.; Naresh, V.; Patil, S.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Vijaya, Kumar, V.; Gnanamurthy, R.K.-
2015Information risk analysis in a distributed mooc based software system using an optimized artificial neural networkSharath, N.; Parikh, S.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015IntelliSearch: A search engine based on Big Data analytics integrated with crowdsourcing and category-based searchLakhani, A.; Gupta, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2018Interoperability based resource management in cloud computing by adaptive dimensional searchAnithakumari, S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2012IT service provisioning by passing hints in module interfacesNaik, N.N.; Veigas, J.P.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2013Key update mechanism in PKI: Study & a new approachSpoorthi, V.; Rajendran, B.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2009Lightning electromagnetic fields at different heights above the groundChandrasekaran, K.; Durai, Kannu, P.-
2015Load balancing of MongoDB with tag aware shardingShegokar, P.; Thomas, M.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2019Location Privacy Using Data Obfuscation in Fog ComputingNaik, C.; Siddhartha, M.; Martin, J.P.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2019Logistic regression based DFS for Trip Advising Software (ASCEND)Thomas, E.; Byju, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Usha, D.-
2018Machine Learning Approaches for Resource Allocation in the Cloud: Critical ReflectionsMurali, A.; Das, N.N.; Sukumaran, S.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Joseph, C.; Martin, J.P.-
2010Meta-level constructs in content personalization of a web applicationAnnappa, B.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Shet, K.C.-
2016A modified secure version of the Telegram protocol (MTProto)Job, J.; Naresh, V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Monitoring and Management of Service Level Agreements in Cloud ComputingAnithakumari, S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2020Multi-ENPS simulator support tool with automatic file inter-conversion and multi-membrane executionRaghavan, S.; Gangadhar, Y.; Pattar, V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Multimedia Streaming Using Cloud-Based P2P SystemsThomas, N.; Thomas, M.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2019NEAT Algorithm for Testsuite generation in Automated Software TestingRaj, H.L.P.; Chandrasekaran, K.-