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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Cleaning and sentiment tasks for news transcript dataLakshman, V.; Ananth, S.; Chhanchan, R.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016A client-side anti-pharming (CSAP) approachArya, B.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Cluster Based Routing in NDNVerma, G.; Nandewal, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2019CollabChain: Blockchain-backed trustless web-based volunteer computing platformSagar, Bharadwaj, K.S.; Dharanikota, S.; Honawad, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2020Collaborative Filtering for Book Recommendation SystemRamakrishnan, G.; Saicharan, V.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Rathnamma, M.V.; Ramana, V.V.-
2018Comparative study of simulation tools and challenging issues in cloud computingShishira, S.R.; Kandasamy, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2017A comparison of linear discriminant analysis and ridge classifier on Twitter dataSingh, A.; Prakash, B.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Computationally efficient fault tolerant ANTSTripathi, A.; Maheshwari, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2019Construing microservice architectures: State-of-the-art algorithms and research issuesNene, A.V.; Joseph, C.T.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Cooperative game theoretic approach for job scheduling in cloud computingAnanth, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016DANE: An inbuilt security extensionAishwarya, C.; Raghuram, M.A.; Hosmani, S.; Sannidhan, M.S.; Rajendran, B.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Bindhumadhava, B.S.-
2016Determination of task scheduling mechanism using computational intelligence in Cloud ComputingGeorge, N.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Binu, A.-
2016Distributed-Intrusion Detection System using combination of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and support vector machine (SVM)Wankhade, A.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Distribution function based efficient secure group communication using key treeShanu, P.K.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016DSL approach for development of gaming applicationsVijayakumar, A.; Abhishek, D.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Dual stage text steganography using unicode homoglyphsHosmani, S.; Bhat, H.G.R.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2017Dynamic partner selection in Cloud Federation for ensuring the quality of service for cloud consumersThomas, M.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2017Effective integration of reliable routing mechanism and energy efficient node placement technique for low power IoT networksSarwesh, P.; Shet, N.S.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016An efficient game-theoretic approach for resource management in Cloud FederationThakur, P.K.; Thomas, M.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Efficient privacy preserving ranked search over encrypted dataPraseed, A.; Sudheesh, R.K.; Chandrasekaran, K.-