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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013Agent-based approach for distributed access control in cloud environmentsThomas, M.V.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.-
2014Autonomic SLA Management in Cloud Computing ServicesAnithakumari, S.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.-
2007Autonomous data replication using Q-learning for unstructured P2P networksThampi, S.M.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.-
2008Determination of sequences responsible for generation of a sequenceNavada, K.C.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.; Geetha, M.-
2011Floating-point adder in techology driven high-level synthesisJoseph, M.; Bhat, N.B.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.-
2010Inference of Gene Networks from Microarray Data through a Phenomic ApproachD'Souza, R.G.L.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.; Kandasamy, A.-
2008An intelligent framework for CAD of complex systemsChandra, Sekaran, K.-
2010Minimizing response time in an autonomic computing system using proportional controlVenkatarama, H.S.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.-
2019Network anomaly detection using artificial neural networks optimised with PSO-DE hybridRithesh, K.; Gautham, A.V.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.-
2012Node - Link disjoint multipath routing protocols for wireless sensor networks - A survey and conceptual modelingMuni, Venkateswarlu, K.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.; Kandasamy, A.-
2010A phenomic approach to genetic algorithms for reconstruction of gene networksD'Souza, R.G.L.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.; Kandasamy, A.-
2007Proactive model for mitigating Internet denial-of-service attacksNagesh, H.R.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.; Kordcal, A.R.-
2008Query language interface for ubiquitous objectsKulkarni, U.P.; Vadavi, J.V.; Yadwad, R.N.; Ahmed, T.; Chandra, Sekaran, K.; Yardi, A.R.-