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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Comparative Study Between RSA Algorithm and Its Variants: Inception to DateRathod U.; Sreenivas S.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2021Computational Complexity Analysis of Block Ciphers of Transport Layer SecurityJoshi N.S.; Raghuwanshi R.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2021Data formats and its research challenges in iot: A surveyMahanthappa S.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2021The Dependency of Healthcare on Security: Issues and ChallengesKittur L.J.; Mehra R.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2021Deployment of a Simple and Cost-Effective Mobile IPv6 Testbed for the Study of Handover ExecutionChandavarkar B.R.-
2021Essential Requirements of IoT’s Cryptographic Algorithms: Case StudyKumar S.; Lone Z.A.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020Expectation-Based Multi-Attribute Multi-Hop Routing (EM2R) in Underwater Acoustic Sensor NetworksChandavarkar B.R.; Gadagkar A.V.-
2020An Experimental Evaluation of SHA-512 for Different Modes of OperationBhonge H.N.; Ambat M.K.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020An Experimental Evaluation on the Dependency between One-Way Hash Functions and SaltRathod U.; Sonkar M.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020A framework for residual energy model in unetstack simulator for underwater sensor networksChandavarkar B.R.; Gadagkar A.V.-
2020Generation of Symmetric Key Using Randomness of Hash FunctionCharan K.S.; Nakkina H.V.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020Hardcoded Credentials and Insecure Data Transfer in IoT: National and International StatusChandavarkar B.R.-
2020Implementation of Ship Motion Mobility Model in UnetStack for Underwater Sensor NetworksPrajval M.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020An Improved and Reliable Sequential Decoding of Convolution CodesChandavarkar B.R.; Byju A.; Thomas E.-
2020An Interdependency between Symmetric Ciphers and Hash Functions: A SurveyDubey P.K.; Jangid A.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020Link Quality-based Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor NetworksNazareth P.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020A Mathematical Model for Node Mobility during Water Current and Tsunami in Underwater Sensor NetworksTejaskumar K.; Dharamdas I.R.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020Mitigating Localization and Neighbour Spoofing Attacks in Underwater Sensor NetworksChandavarkar B.R.; Gadagkar A.V.-
2020Mitigating Man-in-the-Middle Attack in Digital SignatureJain S.; Sharma S.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2021Nonce: Life Cycle, Issues and Challenges in CryptographySharma S.; Jain S.; Chandavarkar B.R.-