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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013Modeling and analysis of deadlock driven dynamic priority schedulingHazra, R.; Kanjilal, A.; Dey, S.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2015Multi agent based railway scheduling and optimizationDalapati, P.; Singh, A.J.; Dutta, A.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2018Optical and structural properties of BCBS glass system with and without aluminaBhattacharya, S.; Shashikala, H.D.-
2017Path restoration in source routed software defined networksHegde, S.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2017RnSIR: A new model of information spread in online social networksSumith, N.; Annappa, B.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2015Scalable and fair forwarding of elephant and mice traffic in software defined networksHegde, S.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2017Social network pruning for building optimal social network: A user perspectiveSumith, N.; Annappa, B.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2019Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide incorporated iron borate glass-ceramicRamteke, R.; Kumari, K.; Bhattacharya, S.; Rahman, M.R.-
2014Synthesis and studies on microhardness of alkali zinc borate glassesSubhashini; Bhattacharya, S.; Shashikala, H.D.; Udayashankar, N.K.-
2016Video tamper detection techniques based on DCT-SVD and multi-level SVDDabhade, A.V.; Bhople, Y.J.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2013Virtual medical board: A distributed Bayesian agent based approachDutta, A.; Acharya, S.; Krishna, A.; Bhattacharya, S.-