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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020BaTiO3-graphene nanocomposite as a photocatalyst for the degradation of methylene blueBantawal H.; Bhat D.K.-
2021Electronic structure engineering of SrTiO3 via rhodium doping: A DFT studyShenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Engineered porous nanopillars of Co3O4: Hydrothermal synthesis and energy storage applicationSethi M.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Enhanced thermoelectric properties of vanadium doped SrTiO3: A resonant dopant approachShenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Facile solvothermal synthesis of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles for high-performance supercapacitor applicationsSethi M.; Shenoy U.S.; Muthu S.; Bhat D.K.-
2021Hassle-free solvothermal synthesis of NiO nanoflakes for supercapacitor applicationSethi M.; Shenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Investigations on thermo-mechanical properties of organically modified polymer clay nanocomposites for packaging applicationSudhakar Y.N.; Selvakumar M.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Mg/Ca doping ameliorates the thermoelectric properties of GeTe: Influence of electronic structure engineeringBhat D.K.; Shenoy U.S.-
2020NiO nanoplates for energy storage application: Role of electrolyte concentration on the energy storage propertySethi M.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Novel porous graphene synthesized through solvothermal approach as high performance electrode material for supercapacitorsSethi M.; Bhat D.K.-
2021Optimized Mn and Bi co-doping in SnTe based thermoelectric material: A case of band engineering and density of states tuningKihoi S.K.; Kahiu J.N.; Kim H.; Shenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.; Yi S.; Lee H.S.-
2020Porous graphene-NiCo2O4 nanorod hybrid composite as a high performance supercapacitor electrode materialSethi M.; Shenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020A porous graphene-NiFe2O4nanocomposite with high electrochemical performance and high cycling stability for energy storage applicationsSethi M.; Shenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Resonance levels in GeTe thermoelectrics: Zinc as a new multifaceted dopantBhat D.K.; Shenoy U.S.-
2020Rhodium doping augments photocatalytic activity of barium titanate: Effect of electronic structure engineeringBhat D.K.; Bantawal H.; Shenoy U.S.-
2021Simple solvothermal synthesis of porous graphene-NiO nanocomposites with high cyclic stability for supercapacitor applicationSethi M.; Shenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020SnTe thermoelectrics: Dual step approach for enhanced performanceBhat D.K.; Shenoy U.S.-
2020Solar active ZnO–Eu2O3 for energy and environmental applicationsBalachandran S.; Jeeva Jothi K.; Selvakumar K.; Bhat D.K.; Sathiyanarayanan K.; Swaminathan M.-
2020Vanadium-doped BaTiO3 as high performance thermoelectric material: role of electronic structure engineeringShenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-