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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2005Analysis of cardiac health using fractal dimension and wavelet transformationAcharya, U., R.; Bhat, P.S.; Kannathal, N.; Rao, A.; Choo, M.L.-
2004AR modeling of heart rate signalsNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Rajendra, A.U.; Niranjan, U.C.; Sing, O.W.-
2008Automated identification of diabetic retinopathy stages using digital fundus imagesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Acharya, U, R.; Lim, C.M.; Kagathi, M.-
2009Automatic identification of diabetic maculopathy stages using fundus imagesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Acharya, U.R.-
2005Cardiac health diagnosis using wavelet transformation and phase space plotsRajendra, A.U.; Bhat, P.S.; Kannathal, N.; Lim, C.M.; Laxminarayan, S.-
2005Classification and analysis of speech abnormalitiesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Acharya, R.; Aithal, U.V.-
2004Classification of cardiac abnormalities using heart rate signalsAcharya, R.U.; Kumar, A.; Bhat, P.S.; Lim, C.M.; Iyengar, S.S.; Kannathal, N.; Krishnan, S.M.-
2009Computer-based identification of cataract and cataract surgery efficacy using optical imagesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Acharya, U.R.; Faust, O.; Min, L.C.-
2004Hidden Markov model-contourlet Hidden Markov tree based texture segmentationRaghavendra, B.S.; Bhat, P.S.-
2002Human face detection and tracking using skin color modeling and connected component operatorsKuchi, P.; Gabbur, P.; Bhat, P.S.; Sumam, David S.-
2003Identification of voice disorders using speech samplesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.-
2004Reliable transmission and storage of medical images with patient information using error control codesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Kumar, M.S.; Rajendra, Acharya, U.-
2004Simultaneous storage of medical images in the spatial and frequency domain: A comparative studyNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.; Rajendra, A.U.; Niranjan, U.C.-