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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014A nonlinear level set model for image deblurring and denoisingBini, A.A.; Bhat, M.S.-
2017A novel dual-gate nano-scale InGaAs transistor with modified substrate geometrySharma, B.S.; Bhat, M.S.-
2017Performance and Reliability Codesign for Superjunction Drain Extended MOS DevicesSomayaji, J.; Kumar, B.S.; Bhat, M.S.; Shrivastava, M.-
2010Performance enhancement in high speed on-chip interconnect linesSoorya, Krishna, K.; Bhat, M.S.-
2019RF Sputtered CeO2 Thin Films-Based Oxygen SensorsRamshanker, N.; Ganapathi, K.L.; Bhat, M.S.; Mohan, S.-
2019A Scheme for efficient and equitable use of public utilities through supervisory and distributed controlShreenivasa, K.; Bhat, M.S.; Rekha, S.-
2011Selective image smoothing and feature enhancement using modified shock filtersBini, A.A.; Bhat, M.S.-
2017Smart handheld platform for electrochemical bio sensorsHebbar, S.; Kumar, V.; Bhat, M.S.; Bhat, N.-
2012Switched inverter comparator based 0.5 v low power 6 bit Flash ADCKomar, R.; Bhat, M.S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2019A Three-Stage Operational Transconductance Amplifier for Delta Sigma ModulatorAparna, T.; Polineni, S.; Bhat, M.S.-
2017Triple reduced surface field drain extended MOS device design and its RF performance evaluation for sub-micron RF SoC platformSomayaji, B.J.; Bhat, M.S.-
2012Zero delay clocking system in GHz frequency regime using CRLH metamaterial structureSoorya, K.K.; Bhat, M.S.-