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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016A critical review on properties and applications of microbial l-asparaginasesKrishnapura P.R.; Belur, P.D.; Subramanya S.-
2013Determination of specific oxygen uptake rate of Photorhabdus luminescens during submerged culture in lab scale bioreactorBelur, P.D.; Inman, III, F.L.; Holmes, L.D.-
2012Development and Evaluation of PEG-Lithium Citrate Salt Based Aqueous Two Phase System and Its Application in Partitioning of Proteins from Fish Industry EffluentRegupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.; Girish, B.; Nagaraj, V.H.-
2019Effect of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the storage stability of sardine oilCharanyaa, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2018Effectiveness of rutin and its lipophilic ester in improving oxidative stability of sardine oil containing trace waterVaisali, C.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2018Enhancement of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid glycerides in Sardine oil by a bioimprinted cross-linked Candida rugosa lipaseSampath, C.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2013Enhancement of propyl gallate yield in nonaqueous medium using novel cell-associated tannase of bacillus massiliensisAithal, M.; Belur, P.D.-
2013Enhancing gallic acid content in green tea extract by using novel cell-associated tannase of Bacillus massiliensisPalabhanvi, B.; Belur, P.D.-
2011Evaluation of feeding strategies for enhanced cell-associated tannase production by serratia ficaria dtcBelur, P.D.; Goudar, D.C.-
2018Improving the catalytic efficiency of Fibrinolytic enzyme from Serratia marcescens subsp. sakuensis by chemical modificationKrishnamurthy, A.; Mundra, S.; Belur, P.D.-
2019In vitro liquid culture and optimization of Steinernema jeffreyense using shake flasksDunn, M.D.; Belur, P.D.; Malan, A.P.-
2016Isolation and screening of endophytes from the rhizomes of some Zingiberaceae plants for L-asparaginase productionKrishnapura, P.R.; Belur, P.D.-
2017Lipase mediated synthesis of rutin fatty ester: Study of its process parameters and solvent polarityVaisali, C.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2018Methods available to assess therapeutic potential of fibrinolytic enzymes of microbial origin: a reviewKrishnamurthy A.; Belur, P.D.; Subramanya S.B.-
2011Microbial production of tannase: State of the artBelur, P.D.; Mugeraya, G.-
2016Multistrain probiotic production by co-culture fermentation in a lab-scale bioreactorJangra, M.; Belur, P.D.; Oriabinska, L.B.; Dugan, O.M.-
2016New extracellular thermostable oxalate oxidase produced from endophytic Ochrobactrum intermedium CL6: Purification and biochemical characterizationKumar, K.; Belur, P.D.-
2017A new strategy to refine crude Indian sardine oilCharanyaa, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2018A Novel Enzymatic Process to Produce Oxalate Depleted Starch From TaroKumar, K.; Belur, P.D.-
2018A novel fibrinolytic serine metalloprotease from the marine Serratia marcescens subsp. sakuensis: Purification and characterizationKrishnamurthy, A.; Belur, P.D.-