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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Multistrain probiotic production by co-culture fermentation in a lab-scale bioreactorJangra, M.; Belur, P.D.; Oriabinska, L.B.; Dugan, O.M.-
2016New extracellular thermostable oxalate oxidase produced from endophytic Ochrobactrum intermedium CL6: Purification and biochemical characterizationKumar, K.; Belur, P.D.-
2017A new strategy to refine crude Indian sardine oilCharanyaa, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2018A Novel Enzymatic Process to Produce Oxalate Depleted Starch From TaroKumar, K.; Belur, P.D.-
2018A novel fibrinolytic serine metalloprotease from the marine Serratia marcescens subsp. sakuensis: Purification and characterizationKrishnamurthy, A.; Belur, P.D.-
2012Optimization of culture medium for novel cell-associated tannase production from bacillus massiliensis using response surface methodologyBelur, P.D.; Goud, R.; Goudar, D.C.-
2016Partial purification and characterization of L-asparaginase from an endophytic Talaromyces pinophilus isolated from the rhizomes of Curcuma amadaKrishnapura, P.R.; Belur, P.D.-
2013Partitioning studies of glutaminase in polyethylene glycol and salt-based aqueous two-phase systemsBolar, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2020Phytochemical drug candidates for the modulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ in inflammatory bowel diseasesVenkataraman B.; Ojha S.; Belur, P.D.; Bhongade B.; Raj V.; Collin P.D.; Adrian T.E.; Subramanya S.B.-
2017Production of fibrinolytic enzyme by the marine isolate serratia marcescens subsp. sakuensis and its in-vitro anticoagulant and thrombolytic potentialKrishnamurthy, A.; Belur, P.D.; Rai, P.; Rekha, P.D.-
2012Production of naringinase by a new soil isolate of Serratia Sp.: Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sourcesPavithra, M.; Belur, P.D.; Saidutta, M.B.-
2013Production of Naringinase by a new soil isolate of Serratia Sp.: Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sourcesPavithra, M.; Belur, P.D.; Saidutta, M.B.-
2014Production of naringinase from a new soil isolate, Bacillus methylotrophicus: Isolation, optimization and scale-up studiesMukund, P.; Belur, P.D.; Saidutta, M.B.-
2010Production of novel cell-associated tannase from newly isolated Serratia ficaria DTCBelur, P.D.; Gopal, M.; Nirmala, K.R.; Basavaraj, N.-
2018Production of oxalate oxidase from endophytic Ochrobactrum intermedium CL6Kumar, K.; Belur, P.D.-
2013Production of propyl gallate in nonaqueous medium using cell-associated tannase of Bacillus massiliensis: Effect of various parameters and statistical optimizationAithal, M.; Belur, P.D.-
2015Purification of Glutaminase from Zygosaccharomyces rouxii in Polyethylene Glycol Sodium Sulphate Aqueous Two-Phase SystemBolar, S.; Regupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.-
2015Refining of edible oils: A critical appraisal of current and potential technologiesVaisali, C.; Charanyaa, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2017Refining technologies for edible oilsBelur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.; Sampath C.; Chandrasekhar V.-
2017Reverse micellar extraction of lactoferrin from its synthetic solution using CTAB/n-heptanol systemPawar, S.S.; Regupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.-