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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Optical and electrical properties of ITO thin films sputtered on flexible FEP substrate as passive thermal control system for space applicationsSibin, K.P.; Swain, N.; Chowdhury, P.; Dey, A.; Sridhara, N.; Shashikala, H.D.; Sharma, A.K.; Barshilia, H.C.-
2018Optical and electrical studies of sputter-deposited transparent and conducting ITO/Ag/ITO multilayer on Kapton´┐Ż substrate for transparent flexible electronic applicationsSibin, K.P.; Srinivas, G.; Shashikala, H.D.; Dey, A.; Sridhara, N.; Sharma, A.K.; Barshilia, H.C.-
2017Optical properties of TiAlC/TiAlCN/TiAlSiCN/TiAlSiCO/TiAlSiO tandem absorber coatings by phase-modulated spectroscopic ellipsometryJyothi, J.; Biswas, A.; Sarkar, P.; Soum-Glaude, A.; Nagaraja, H.S.; Barshilia, H.C.-
2016Optimization of process parameters to achieve spectrally selective TiAlC/TiAlCN/TiAlSiCN/TiAlSiCO/TiAlSiO high temperature solar absorber coatingJyothi, J.; Latha, S.; Bera, P.; Nagaraja, H.S.; Barshilia, H.C.-
2018Performance evaluation of mechanical micro-drilling, electrical discharge machining and laser beam machining on nimonic 80A alloySudhakar, S.; Kumar, P.; Srinivas, G.; Ravishankar, S.; Chakradhar, D.; Barshilia, H.C.-
2017Porous nickel telluride nanostructures as bifunctional electrocatalyst towards hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactionBhat, K.S.; Barshilia, H.C.; Nagaraja, H.S.-
2018Shape induced magnetic vortex state in hexagonal ordered cofe nanodot arrays using ultrathin alumina shadow maskSellarajan, B.; Saravanan, P.; Ghosh, S.K.; Nagaraja, H.S.; Barshilia, H.C.; Chowdhury, P.-