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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Polymorphism, dielectric and piezoelectric response of organo-modified Ni Co layered double hydroxide nanosheets dispersed electrospun PVDF nanofabricsShetty, S.; Ekbote, G.S.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2016Probing the synergism of halloysite nanotubes and electrospinning on crystallinity, polymorphism and piezoelectric performance of poly(vinylidene fluoride)Khalifa, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2019PVDF Nanofibers with Embedded Polyaniline-Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheet Composites for Piezoelectric Energy ConversionKhalifa, M.; Anandhan, S.-
2019PVDF/halloysite nanocomposite-based non-wovens as gel polymer electrolyte for high safety lithium ion batteryKhalifa, M.; Janakiraman, S.; Ghosh, S.; Venimadhav, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2018Pyrolysis-controlled synthesis and magnetic properties of sol gel electrospun nickel cobaltite nanostructuresKumar, B.S.; Dhanasekhar, C.; Venimadhav, A.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2015Sliding wear and mechanical properties of alumina/glass fabric/epoxy compositesShivamurthy, B.; Anandhan, S.; Udaya, Bhat, K.-
2017Sol gel electrospun mesoporous ZnMn2O4 nanofibers with superior specific surface areaShamitha, C.; Senthil, T.; Wu, L.; Kumar, B.S.; Anandhan, S.-
2019Sol-gel electrospun ZnMn2O4 nanofibers as bifunctional electrocatalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactionsShamitha, C.; Shetty, A.R.; Hegde, A.C.; Anandhan, S.-
2017Solubility Limits of Ceria-Zirconia-Lanthana Solid-SolutionsAbbas, Z.; Surendran, M.; Anjana, P.A.; Jidev, P.K.; Dasari, Hari Prasad; Sudhakar, Naidu, N.; Anandhan, S.; Bhat, K.U.; Bhaskar, Babu, G.U.; Prasad, Dasari, H.; Dasari, H.-
2013Solution electrospinning of styrene-acrylonitrile random copolymer from dimethyl sulfoxideSenthil, T.; Anandhan, S.-
2017Some new observations on the structural and phase evolution of nickel titanate nanofibersKumar, B.S.; Shanmugharaj, A.M.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2013Structural characterization of nano-crystalline Co3O4 ultra-fine fibers obtained by sol-gel electrospinningGeorge, G.; Anandhan, S.-
2017Structure-property relationship of halloysite nanotubes/ethylene-vinyl acetate-carbon monoxide terpolymer nanocompositesGeorge, G.; Selvakumar, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2014Structure-property relationship of sol-gel electrospun ZnO nanofibers developed for ammonia gas sensingSenthil, T.; Anandhan, S.-
2018Synergism of Electrospinning and Nano-alumina Trihydrate on the Polymorphism, Crystallinity and Piezoelectric Performance of PVDF NanofibersKhalifa, M.; Deeksha, B.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2018Synergism of fictitious forces on nickel cobaltite nanofibers: Electrospinning forces revisitedSachin, Kumar, B.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2019Synergism of graphitic-carbon nitride and electrospinning on the physico-chemical characteristics and piezoelectric properties of flexible poly(vinylidene fluoride) based nanogeneratorKhalifa, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2014Synthesis and characterisation of nickel oxide nanofibre webs with alcohol sensing characteristicsGeorge, G.; Anandhan, S.-
2015Thermodynamic miscibility and thermal and mechanical properties of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate-co-carbon monoxide)/poly(vinyl chloride) blendsSelvakumar, M.; Mahendran, A.; Bhagabati, P.; Anandhan, S.-
2013Thermoplastic vulcanizates from post consumer computer plastics/nitrile rubber blends by dynamic vulcanizationAnandhan, S.; Bhowmick, A.K.-