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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20202019-nCoV disease control and rehabilitation: Insights from twitter analyticsChetty N.; Alathur S.; Kumar V.-
2021Bibliometric Analysis and Methodological Review of Mobile Health Services and Applications in IndiaPai R.R.; Alathur S.-
2020Child online safety in indian contextAndrews D.; Alathur S.; Chetty N.; Kumar V.-
2020Child Online Safety Intervention Through Empowering Parents and Technical Experts: Indian ContextAndrews D.; Alathur S.; Chetty N.-
2020Cloud-Based E-Learning Service: Insight from IndiaVanitha P.S.; Alathur S.-
2020Determinants of mobile health application awareness and use in India: An empirical analysisPai R.R.; Alathur S.-
2020Developing Indian Smart Cities: Insights from Social MediaChetty N.; Alathur S.-
2020E-learning adoption based on gender differences: Insight from IndiaVanitha P.S.; Alathur S.-
2019E-learning services: Insights from Twitter AnalyticsVanitha P.S.; Alathur S.-
2021Factors influencing E-learning adoption in India: Learners' perspectiveVanitha P.S.; Alathur S.-
2018Hate speech review in the context of online social networksChetty N.; Alathur S.-
2020Health Fear Mongering Make People More Sicker: Twitter Analysis in the Context of Corona Virus InfectionVasudevan J.; Alathur S.-
2020International efforts for children online safety: A surveyAndrews D.; Alathur S.; Chetty N.-
2020Mobile health intervention and COVID-19 pandemic outbreak: insights from Indian contextPai R.R.; Alathur S.-
2020Policies to Mitigate Select Consequence of Social Media: Insights from IndiaChetty N.; Alathur S.-
2021Social media and disaster management: influencing e-participation content on disabilitiesAlathur S.; Kottakkunnummal M.; Chetty N.-
2019Trigger Event and Hate Content: Insights from Twitter AnalyticsChetty N.; Alathur S.-
2020Vaccination drive and cyber threats in IndiaVasudevan J.; Alathur S.-
2020Women Empowerment Through Social Media: Insights from IndiaPai R.R.; Alathur S.-